I moved! Please stop by at the new place: http://theroadupward.com/

Here are the latest, as of mid-November 2011

New American Frugality? Grandma Would Laugh http://theroadupward.com/archives/777

The Lying Liars Who Rule Us http://theroadupward.com/archives/740

Christian Zionist no more http://bit.ly/uJGnO4

Zionism: Brief History of an Idea http://theroadupward.com/archives/746

Zionism debunked Part1 The Promised Land? http://theroadupward.com/archives/749

Zionism Debunked Part 2 The Holocaust http://theroadupward.com/archives/753

Zionism Debunked Pt 3 Land with No People http://theroadupward.com/archives/757

Zionism Debunked: Part 4 Zionist Racism http://theroadupward.com/archives/768


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