Occupy Wall Street-Demands?

Occupy Wall Street

The Top 1% run America

Since a few hundred people occupied Wall Street two weeks ago the movement has spread across the nation like a wildfire in a Texas drought. As of today, thirty cities are protesting and many more have events in the works.

Media Doesn’t Recognize Democracy

The media, most of whom are little more than the mouthpiece of the military-industrial-congressional complex, complain that the protesters aren’t “organized,” don’t have a coherent list of “demands” and lack a clear leader. The complaints arise from the fact that the media wouldn’t recognize democracy if it rose up and slapped them in the face, which it just might be doing.

Hijacked Movements

When they say the protesters aren’t organized, they mean they can’t detect whether Democrat or Republican political operatives have hijacked the movement. Once they find that out, they’ll know how to spin their stories. The stories always must fit their pre-constructed Democrat-Republican bipolar worldview, one they nurture and promote to keep the people divided and weak. Where’s the leader? They need a leader, so they can do a background check and slap a label on them, like “left-wing” “loser” “dropout” “radical.”

Media Tools 

The media is lazy. They want to deal with a central command that issues press releases, like the pap they constantly recycle for the State Department or the Chamber of Commerce. They want pre-packaged propaganda; they know how to process that. What they don’t know how to handle is a movement of regular Americans from all walks of life who are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

Occupy Wall Street Demands

Where is the list of demands-what do they want? People always ask this, according to standup historian Mark Steel in one of his lectures on the French Revolution. In pre-revolutionary France noblemen paid no taxes and had the power to grab a peasant to stay up all night keeping the frogs in the pond from croaking so the nobleman could get his beauty rest. What did the peasant want? He wanted the nobleman to shove his frogs up his arse, that’s what.

End Corruption

The common thread that runs through all the popular uprisings around the world is that they want an end to corruption. They want an end to the lies, and repression and an end to the top 1%, the users who parasitize them, slowly sucking the life out of them and using their life force to heap up luxuries; exploiting natural resources like there’s no tomorrow and “human resources” like they are nothing more than a stand of timber to be cut down.

Live-Free and Without Abuse

All people want to live. Uprisings start when people perceive that they have been so shafted their livelihood is in danger. How many world-changing revolutions started simply because the people had no bread? The 1% whine that the people want handouts: food stamps, unemployment insurance and “entitlements.”  The people want to live, something the 1% can’t understand because their biggest concerns are WHICH house to spend the summer in and WHICH politician to purchase. The people want to live, and quite rightly insist that they will live and will live free and without abuse.

The Greedmobile

The top 1% never learn. They could live in luxury if they also made sure the 99% could live. But they don’t-they just keep taking and taking until the 99% rise up and restore balance. The Greedmobile had a gas pedal but no brakes since “deregulation.” It ran 100 mph into a crowd in 2008, mowing many down and leaving others stunned. They have gradually come out of their stunned condition and are looking for the driver.

Jefferson on the People

Why now? The people, Jefferson said, are patient with abuses and slow to challenge those in authority.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

When the recent phony “deficit crisis” showed that those in power are trying to put the Greedmobile back on the road and expecting the mangled victims of the last crash to pay for its upkeep, the people said “no.” Tell us your demands,” the 1% say…so we can make promises we won’t keep, pass laws we won’t enforce and have a few more years to squeeze the last drop of blood from your anemic bodies. The people said, “Our demands are many… and by the way, take this frog and shove it.”

The Meltdown (Documentary-What Happened in 2008)


2 responses to “Occupy Wall Street-Demands?

  1. Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy [insert location here] in general still contains many problematic aspects, but it nevertheless presents an opportunity for the Left to engage with some of the nascent anti-capitalist sentiment taking shape there. So far it has been successful in enlisting the support of a number of leftish celebrities, prominent unions, and young activists, and has received a lot of media coverage. Hopefully, the demonstrations will lead to a general radicalization of the participants’ politics, and a commitment to the longer-term project of social emancipation. To this end, I have written up a rather pointed Marxist analysis of the OWS movement so far that you might find interesting:

    “Reflections on Occupy Wall Street: What It Represents, Its Prospects, and Its Deficiencies”


  2. The OWS movement is too loosely organized but the weakness isn’t the lack of leadership, it’s the lack of unity. Even if 50% got everything they want, the other 50% would be dissatisfied. There are just too many messages.

    IMO, they should unite with the Tea Party, and achieve their common goals. Once they have some momentum, go off on their own and continue.


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