A Petition for a Redress of Grievances

A Petition for a Redress of Grievances

We, the people of the United States of America, insist on holding to the ideals upon which this nation was founded, even if those in power abandon them. We continue to hold these truths to be self-evident: that all of mankind is created equal in that  its members possess the rights to life, freedom, and the opportunity to pursue desired goals.

The only legitimate purpose of government is to secure and protect these rights, pursuing whatever actions will tend to maximize those rights in accordance with the will of the people. When the government itself becomes destructive of those rights, it is the right and duty of the governed, from whom true power flows, to reform or abolish it, and to institute a government that will serve its legitimate purpose.

The people are loathe to act to use their power against their government, choosing instead to trust that those elected are cognizant of their responsibility to those who have placed them in power and keep them in power, and will tolerate many abuses before they act. Yet history demonstrates that there are limits to the amount of abuse a citizenry will tolerate. The government of the United States of America has lost sight of the purpose for which it was established and the ideals upon which it was founded, as demonstrated by:

1). Acting without regard to, or reference for, the will of the people by entangling the United States in multiple, fruitless military operations costly in human lives, national wealth, and the goodwill of a watching world.

2). Daily and deliberately deceiving the American people with lies and half-truths for the purpose of advancing the special interests of a small minority and policies foreign to our cherished ideals.

3). Withholding information on the real structures, processes, and aims of the government by systematically issuing lies to the public and by systematically covering up the truth.

4). While systematically maintaining secrecy for itself, the government has collected and stored information on private citizens by invasive and intrusive means under the guise of national security.

5). Governing for the benefit of wealthy corporate and financial monopolies to the grievous harm of the great mass of citizens.

6). Mismanaging the administration of government programs and the finances of this nation according to short-sighted self-interest and not according to the best interests of the citizens of the United States.

These abuses have led to a nation divided, with monstrous debt, curtailed liberties, with shocking and ever-growing income inequality, and without heeding the voice of its citizens or offering a path to improvement. Yet the cry of the people goes unheard in the corridors of power, who continue to blindly follow the same policies that brought this great nation to its current dire situation. The crimes of the special interests go unpunished, in fact, they are rewarded, while the burden of their crimes are transferred to the workers and to the poor. Therefore, we call upon the government to demonstrate its legitimacy by speedily instituting the following reforms:

1). All campaign contributions shall be published online, including the amount and the source and these shall be  updated weekly. Any attempt to hide or distort this information shall result in the forfeiture by the candidate in question of any opportunity to run for office.

2). A full audit of the Federal Reserve and a full investigation into the constitutionality of private bankers setting economic policy for, and issuing currency on behalf of, the United States government.

3). Prompt response to document requests under the Freedom of Information Act and legal recourse against agencies that fail to respond in a timely manner.

4). Protection instead of prosecution for whistleblowers.

5). Repeal of the Patriot Act and a full return of the protection of citizen privacy under the Bill of Rights.

6). Weekly published schedules for all legislators workday to include all formal and informal meetings, who was present, and the purpose and results of the meeting. Falsification of schedules shall be grounds for censure.

A democracy cannot stand without a free and informed citizenry. A republic cannot stand without the rule of law, and laws must be enforced, without fear or favor, or there is no justice at all, nor any republic. We are a republic with democratic ideals and we insist that these be upheld.


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