The Family on C Street: The Christian Mafia

Ancient Roman fasces

The Roman fasces symbol of unity and state force.

Right-wing politicians may seem to be pursuing their goal of enshrining free-market capitalism as a sacred doctrine. That’s because they are.

Capitalism and Christianity

According to Jay W. Richards, author of Money, Greed, and God, capitalism is not the obstacle to a just society, it is the solution. Many Conservative politicians believe that the “Invisible Hand” Adam Smith mentioned in Wealth of Nations is literally the hand of God, guiding the free-market economy in a sovereign and mysterious way in order to produce prosperity for his children. To interfere in any way with this process is therefore to oppose God.

God and Politics

Terrible catastrophes would result from opposing God in this way and conservatives point to the collapse of the “godless” Soviet Union as an example. By far most Christians suspect Jesus was a bit to the left (from our perspective), what with his warnings against greed and encouragement to help the poor. Why, then, would most Christians not align with liberal organizations? Left-leaning organizations have contributed to this polarization by rejecting religion and mocking the deeply held beliefs of millions of citizens as mere irrational, primitive superstitions. This attitude has pushed many Christians, with some reluctance, into the conservative fold, since they perceive they are not welcome on the left unless they first abandon their beliefs.

The Underground Fellowship

According to Records of the Fellowship, For seventy-five years an organization has been ministering underground to power brokers, discipling them through personal relationships and teachings to support the capitalist doctrine. The Fellowship, sometimes called the Family, (or the Christian Mafia by members) operates from a mansion on C street in Washington, D.C. Openly they coordinate the Prayer Breakfasts, but quietly they interact with power brokers and form covenants, or binding agreements with each other, to bring about their vision of Real America.

The Fellowship: Ordained by God

According to Jeff Sharlett, writing in Harper’s, the organization began when Abraham Vereide, founder of Goodwill Industries, had a supernatural vision in 1935 in which God told him that helping the insignificant poor was not the way to go. Instead, power brokers should be discipled in order to change society; sort of “trickle-down” righteousness. In 1958 then 30 year-old Doug Coe went to work for Vereide in Washington, D.C. and Coe has led the organization since then. Coe uses Hitler and Mao as examples of strength through unity; the important thing is that group members maintain solidarity on important issues.

Religion Serving Power

Although the movement is emphatically framed in Christian terms and prayer and Bible study is mandatory (including for legislators who live at the C street mansion) the real emphasis is on power: Men in power have been placed there by God and have a divine mission to fulfill. This male-oriented, militaristic, unified group not only refers to Hitler as an example of strength through unity, but displays other alarming relationships to fascism.

The Fellowship and Fascism

The making of covenants, or binding promises, would seem to divert the loyalty of legislators from their constituents to the ideals of the Fellowship, which is devoted to reversing the decadence (as they define it) that has affected American society. The word fascism itself is derived from “fasces”  a bundle of rods tied around an axe, an ancient Roman symbol of authority, carried by lictors to inflict physical or capital punishment on his command. The fasces is a symbol of power through unity and even has a Biblical parallel: “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12.)

Authoritarian Right Anti-Democratic

There is no room in this ideology for democracy; it harks back to ideas about the divine right of kings and the absolute authority of those in power. To oppose the leader is to oppose God himself, an idea that was overthrown only with much bloodshed hundreds of years ago in England, France, and the infant United States and an idea that is once again rearing its ugly head. This time it was not announced by trumpets but has been quietly fermenting on C Street in Washington, D.C.

Dangerous ideologies are allowed to promote their agendas in America and we cannot stop them without damaging the freedom of all of us. However, they should be exposed and scrutinized instead of working under cover of secrecy. A free society must grant  fascism, anarchism, and any other “ism” that emerges freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom to try to persuade others to join them. Hiding fascist agendas behind a pseudo-Christian front is, however, not only deceptive, it is disgusting.


4 responses to “The Family on C Street: The Christian Mafia

  1. I’m not sure what you are trying to say here, if you are for fascism or not ( a bit confusing when you say “hate speech” should be allowed in society, even if it provokes rioting in the streets), but you should know not everyone on the “left” shuns being known as “Christian”. I think what they ridcule is the overly enthusiasm of those who proclaim they are “True Christians”, but do the exact opposite of what Jesus would do. I think they forget that Jesus choose to be a pauper (being a carpenter he probably could have made a good living) to enlighten his followers, and he relied on the kindness of strangers to house and feed his flock. In doing so, they found true happiness in helping their follow man and found the path to God. This is merely my observation of the whole Right vs Left vs who is more Christian-like or who isn’t. Maybe we have lost our way a little, but that shouldn’t give those who would take advantage of the weakest in Society. I miss the good old time religion churchs where prayer and song sustained a soul, not like these ultra-mega churchs that play rock and roll and have staduim seating to appease the masses that are to lazy to really put time into a true church/religion like the Methodist or Baptist or Catholic church. I’m not saying these were perfect either, but they did require you to know one another and actually interact because of the smallness of the congregation. Remember supper on the church grounds or homecoming? I don’t think this is happening much anymore because we have become so much bigger than ourselves and lost sight to the simpler things that made us all part of a community. In fact one of the reasons I no longer go to church is the “political” agenda most religions/churchs put forward as gospel from God. I haven’t lost faith in God, I have lost faith in mankind to do the right thing.

    • Thanks for your comment. The fact that you couldn’t tell if I was for or against fascism may mean that I have gone too far with “fair & balanced.” LOL I am very much against fascism, and I do know there are Christians on the left-in fact I think there are many. They are just quieter.
      I also remember church dinners with the kids getting into mischief and friends teasing each other, good music, and real spirituality. The American church has become infected with American consumer culture instead of challenging it. But there is always a remnant!

  2. Thank you for writing such a good article. I have been keeping an eye on these people for a while. They are in Ohio, and I suspect that our Gov. is one of them. They have nothing to do with Christianity, and a lot to do with greed.

    • Thanks for your comment. This movement is not TOO far off, but then isn’t that the worst sort of lie? They seem to be power mad, as if they are the left hand of God or something, but I think they are dangerous and should be called out.

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