Global Warming and Al Gore: Who Benefits?

Thinking fearfully

Dang it's hot today-must be global warming.

Is global warming, AKA climate change, a real threat or something manufactured to enrich the already uber-rich? Is it a plot by those who favor a one-world government? Could it possibly be all of the above? Bipolar thinking appears to the default mode of presenting any issue these days. You are either a conservative or a liberal, for big government or for small government, you are either with the terrorists or you are “with us.” Bipolar thinking is at best limited and at worst, stupid.

Environmental Activism

I was an environmental activist in college long ago. I love nature, the land, and the whole complex and fascinating process of life taking place there. So in college I opposed pollution, the cross-Florida barge canal, and the aerial poisoning of fire ants. Looking back, I think you can’t go wrong opposing pollution-who is in favor of pollution? The cross-Florida barge canal was stopped, though the Rodman Dam was built, creating a reservoir that flooded thousands of acres of forest.

 Changing Environmental Perspectives

We had thought that was bad. I smiled as I drove past the site a few years ago and saw a sign the current environmentalists had posted, “Save the Rodman Reservoir.” As for the fire ants, they did successfully invade and every time they swarm over my feet and sting me, (feels like fire-hence the name) I say, “That’s what you get for not nuking the dang things when you had the chance.”

 The Right Side of an Issue

When I was an environmental activist and heading to some kind of congressional hearing, a Political Science professor pulled me aside and gave me some good advice. “Are you sure you are on the right side in this issue?” “Of course,” I answered. I was nineteen; I was sure about everything. “Just be careful working with politicians. They sometimes use idealistic people to pull a fast one. Ask yourself, ‘Who benefits?”

 The Climate Changes

When I first heard about global warming due to human activity and the apocalyptic consequences if we didn’t act quickly and globally to stop it, I protested, “But the climate has always changed. Change is inevitable. Glaciers once covered substantial parts of North America where dairy farms now pasture cows.” But no, this was different, this was drastic, and we had to act now. How would we act? Something to do with taxes and fees charged for carbon emissions combined with the development of green technology.

 Carbon Tax

I like green technology and I even accept taxes as dues we pay to live in a developed nation, but I still had questions about changing climates. What about the unusually warm period in the middle ages from about 950-1250 AD. What caused that? Flatulence from livestock, perhaps? Solar storms? Although Einstein said, “Question everything,” he should have warned us that when we do, we are sometimes accused of being stupid or worse, a friend of Big Oil. I object on principle to the suppression of honest questions, no matter how strong the opposing popular opinion.

Good People Saving Mother Earth

The people lined up on the side of global warming (PC term “climate change”) seemed to be good people-environmental groups, friends of the earth. The people opposing the concept seemed to be right-wing friends of Big Oil. That is evidence of a sort, but not conclusive. The science itself is not conclusive, no matter how many times proponents stomp their foot and say. “The evidence IS conclusive! I suppose you think the earth is flat?” Snark, though a lot of fun, does not advance truth.

Plants Like Carbon Dioxide

Inconclusive evidence that carbon dioxide (which is a natural substance that animals breathe out and green plants ‘breathe in’) produced by using fossil fuels is so rapidly warming the planet that the end is very near for mankind if we don’t institute the carbon tax quickly and globally. There seems to be an almost religious zeal about this issue, as if doubters are heretics. Why all the emotion, what is the big impetus? Historically, big movements like this are generally pushed along by someone for some reason, and neo-hippy tree huggers (may their tribe increase) don’t have the clout to do it.

 The Power of Stories

Does a very wealthy ex-Vice President of the United States have the clout? Yes. Who benefits? Does Al Gore benefit? He gained more fame, a Nobel Prize, and an Oscar for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” which informed the world about the imminent danger of global warming. Never underestimate the power of a story to sway public opinion! Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” had massive impacts on public opinion on the issues of slavery and pollution, respectively.

 Connections: Ecology of Relationships

Is that the only benefit to Gore? Everything is connected, what is Al Gore connected to? Various environmental causes, as expected, but there are a few flies in the soup of his unwavering committment on those issues. Al Gore is connected to the Club of Rome, which in 1991 released a report called “The First Global Revolution,” which states on page 76:

 Threats to Unite People

In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.

 Red Flags on Global Warming

This statement raises red flags on several levels. First, it appears they “came up with” using global warming and then went out to get the research to back it up. Second, the manufacture of enemies to unite popular support is an old, old, propaganda technique. Third, I am really sick of the self-hatred exhibited by human beings calling “man” the enemy. If man is the enemy, perhaps we should eliminate vast numbers of the enemy through population control. This Report suggests that as well and I suspect could come up with a panel to decide which populations should be reduced.

 Data Can be Manipulated

The fact that conservatives went to great lengths to discredit the whole global warming scenario does not prove that it is either true or false, just unpopular with conservatives. None of this means that global warming is NOT taking place or that human activity has NO effect on it. That, as many scientists admit, cannot really be determined. Like most Americans, I am not an expert on climate change over the centuries but I am fully aware that data can be manipulated to back an ideology. I just don’t see it as proven that humans are causing a catastrophic warming of the globe which must be instantly and drastically dealt with.

 Much Money to be Made

We must be skeptical of politicians and of “ACT NOW!” apocalyptic messages. One question we must ask is, “Who benefits?” as the Political Science professor suggested. FYI: Al Gore owns Generation Investment Management, which has been backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, enormous venture capitalists who aim to build “category defining companies” that will become leaders in the field. The fact is, if the global warming threat is swallowed uncritically and entirely, Mr. Gore would be in a position to make a WHOLE lot of money; from consumers to a government-subsidized monopoly and backed up by force of law. This is how the world works, day in and day out, the real-world trickle-up economy.


Is human activity making the world rapidly warmer? Perhaps! But let’s admit that the world is going to get warmer and colder regardless of human activity. Is this a scheme to enrich the uber-rich? Yes. Is it a plot to institute one-world government? Well, universal worldwide laws can not hurt such plotters. It looks like same old story: A relatively small group of very powerful people use their connections, their money, their think tanks and policy papers, and the media to do whatever they want-and what they inexplicably and always want is to become even more wealthy and powerful. They love money and use people-good people-instead of loving people and using money.

Christopher Booker and Richard North, The Deceit Behind Global Warming, The Telegraph, November 4, 2007

Al Gore Before Congress


One response to “Global Warming and Al Gore: Who Benefits?

  1. All true. But not reported as such by the MSM.
    It’s simple to any alleged or provable conspiracy when looking into it’s validity. Follow the money and you’ll have you’re answer.

    Al Gore has refused to debate ANYONE on this issue. If he’s so right what does he fear from an open and honest debate? He fears being found out for the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. Costing, eventually, far more than super villan Bernie Madoff!
    As with many issues embraced by the left this issue has become practically a religion to them; as have abortion, eugenics, alleged racism, open borders, one world government and the wickedness of the white man and Christianity. If It’s a religion, it’s foundation is faith and their faith is misguided to be charitable and can not be questioned or debated!
    Quite simply they are wrong and evil as well. Not to mention hypocritical.

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