Hobby Lobby is Going to Hell

manure on workers

Corporations are "Bullish" On American Workers

Hobby Lobby is a chain of over 400 craft stores built on the Wal-Mart model. Like Wal-Mart, they compete with Chinese imports and use their volume to put smaller stores out of business. Unlike Wal-Mart, they claim to be founded on Christian principles.

Hobby Lobby’s Christian Appearance

Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays, to encourage Sabbath-keeping. They pipe Christian music into the stores. I am a Christian and I assert that they have every right to do this. They have every right to buy cheap and make profits, even if it hurts America in the long run. I know that many will react negatively to Hobby Lobby’s Christian emphasis in a knee-jerk manner, because they dislike Christians. I am not one of them. Yet I maintain that Hobby Lobby is going to hell if they don’t repent.

Hobby Lobby’s Charitable Giving

Hobby Lobby supports Christian ministries, some of which appear to be humanitarian. They bailed out Oral Roberts University when ORU’s financial shenanigans got them in trouble. They financially support the Alliance Defense Fund, which states, “The homosexual legal agenda is one of the greatest threats to religious freedom in America today.” That’s Hobby Lobby’s position on homosexuality.

What Did Jesus Say about Homosexuality

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What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality?

Please note that the above paragraph is empty. That’s because Jesus said NOTHING about homosexuality. Surprised? Go check for your self-Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Get a red letter edition, with Jesus’ words highlighted, if you want to save time. Other parts of the Bible do say things about homosexuality, however, and this written by the Apostle Paul, is one such passage:

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

Cherry-Picking Bible Passages

I will address homosexuality in another post, this one is about why Hobby Lobby is going to hell. Christians sometimes cherry-pick Bible passages to support their own agendas and this passage is an excellent example. Please note that “the covetous (greedy)” and “swindlers” are on the list of the hell-bound. The greedy and the swindlers are going to hell, yet I have heard few sermons in over thirty years of church attendance that mentioned this. This is America and somehow we have been deceived into thinking greed is good.

Hobby Lobby Employment

I went to work for Hobby Lobby in 2009 as a floral designer, having been downsized in the crash of 2008 from a more responsible position and unable to get other employment. I was concerned that the job application says you must agree not to form a union and not to sue the company, but I needed a job. I’m a very good floral designer and was well able to do what the job description stated.

Hobby Lobby Promises

I was told I would be part-time at $9 an hour for two weeks, then full-time at $10 after that (with benefits-yay-health insurance!) I was told I would help unpack the shipments. No problem, all designers pitch in to unpack the flowers when they arrive at all the shops I’d worked for. The full-time never materialized. When I asked about this, I was told I would be full-time around Christmas, when things got busy. I was hired in April. My hours were cut and I rarely had time to do any floral design.

No Compassion-No Execptions

“Unpacking the flowers” turned out to consist of unloading a semi with a hand truck weekly. Not just the flowers, mind you, but the pottery, jewelry, everything; basically two to fours of furniture moving. I would never apply for a job moving furniture, I am not physically qualified. I’m petite, 60 years-old and had knee surgery. No sitting for any tasks, either, at Hobby Lobby-just eight hours or more standing on those concrete floors. I limped home and went right to bed after work. A manager stated at a staff meeting that we should move faster when unloading the semi, “We have no prima donnas here,” she said.

Tote that Barge

I went to the doctor and got a note that said I should be excused from the semi unloading, but was OK to do the other work. They took me off the schedule completely pending “investigation.” I asked to return to work with the doctor’s accommodation during the investigation. Back and forth with the company while they covered their arse in what I knew was a ploy to starve me out so I would just go away.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

I filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, seeking reasonable accommodation. Almost a year later, EEOC notified me that Hobby Lobby had supplied documents that satisfied them that there was no discrimination. The EEOC never asked me for my documents, nor ask for my side of the story. No wonder Hobby Lobby is afraid of unions.

Hobby Lobby Greed

Hobby Lobby won, but they swindled me, because I’m just one little worker with no voice. They swindled me because they are greedy and if they start allowing one limping lady to stop unloading the semi, they might have to allow others to do the same. They might have to hire a crew of strong young people to come in and unload the semi, and this would cut into their profits.

According to the same Bible they claim to follow, Hobby Lobby is going to hell. Of course, though corporations claim to be “persons” with the rights of a person, they have no soul to condemn nor body to incarcerate. Corporations have no soul at all, but forgetting all that, here on earth we have laws. The laws are seldom enforced against white collars. If they were, there would be some white collars in orange jumpsuits.

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12 responses to “Hobby Lobby is Going to Hell

  1. I agree that Hobby Lobby is bogus. The Cristian Claim is just to make headlines. They run the company off the backs of the salaried management who are forced to work 75 hours a week! That schedule goes to 7 days and 90 hours a week EVERY WEEK thru Nov, Dec, Jan.
    The Cristian company takes us away from our families during all the Cristian Holidays!!
    I encourage more research into this from all! Also research thier transportation division. They force the truck drivers to falsify the logs, and fire them if they refuse to dispatch during foul weather conditions. The company refuses to use electronic logs, or electronic inventory controls… my guess is the lack of electronics makes ‘cooking the books’ easier. Of course there is also tons of copy right infringment, I’m sure all little research will yield plenty of dirt on Hobby Lobby placing small product orders, and then sending the product to thier own chinese and indian manufactures to copy and produce. I took this salaried management job during the failing economy, and to escape the unethical and almost criminal corporate mindsets…. and was really looking forward to the Cristian environment… BUT IT IS THE WORST EXERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! I can’t believe there is not more truth floating around the internet about this evil company!

  2. You’re all wrong…

    • Thanks for your research and comment. I was looking forward to working for a Christian company, too. I’ll take a “heathen” company with a decent attitude any day over this hypocrisy.
      Peace, Je’

  3. Thanks for the comment. Care to be more specific on where I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong before-will entertain theories why I’m wrong again.

  4. i have a friend who has been working in hobby lobby since they opened here almost a two years ago, who complains about every thing you have mentioned an is still considered part time. one of the many reasons i am planing to open my own art/hobby store some time in the near future. i can buy what is offered at hobby lobby for nearly twice the price of some other art/ hobby store ive ever been to….

    • Good luck with your venture! This whole buy-cheap-in China and put Americans out of business has hurt our nation. Hobby Lobby followed the WalMart model in this. I would pay more to buy from an American business-in fact, I do.

  5. We have a new Hobby Lobby opening in our town in October. I’ve been employeed for 17 years at
    a flower shop. I’ve been a floral designer for 43 years. I am considering applying for a full time position at the store. After reading the reviews above I’m having second thoughts. Please help me with my desicsion.

  6. I am not a person of faith by any stretch. I know that Jesus who during his life made a meager wage as a day laborer working under bad conditions would approve of anyone calling themselves Christian running a company like this.

    • You think Jesus would approve? or would not? He actually had a lot to say about social justice, but I’m even more sure sure he wouldn’t approve of their lying.

      Thanks for the comment and have a great day,

  7. I was thinking of applying there because someone I go to church told me about the wages and hours of not having to work sunday.i don’t were I work now anyhow but I WANNA Be around Christian God Fearing people who dont swear and really love the Lord,but after reading what you have said I am hesitant.I now work at Homeland and need to find a Christian atmosphere Job that is not Christian in name only but in practice as well.if anyone knows of one in or around Norman or OKLAHOMA City please let me know.that also offers benefits and insurance and good hourly pay.I now make 8.15 an hour so I need at least that much

  8. After just some basic calculations of the explotation of Hobby Lobby’s salaried management…. who are working 6-7 days a week Nov-Feb every year. These days start at 5:30 to 6:30am and end at 11:45 to Midnight!!!!
    I figure the company is adding almost 22 million $$ per year!!! Factor in the additional traffic from the BS Christian/family values adds they run in the paper… I Believe the true sum of profits from expolation to be closer to 36 million dollars per year. Keep in mind it is a private owned company that posted 186 million in profits last year. 22 million of which was stolen from thier salaried managers causing a 74% divorce rate…. And 12 milllion dollars drivin from people believing the BS advertising. This figure is a modest guess, as it can not be measured. I just want to believe that the BS is not influencing too many people!

  9. OH!!! the closed on sunday’s BS…. its only closed to the public, to assist in the BS Christian advertising. You can bet that the salaried management is there with a small crew, Missing church and family functions.
    Find out for yourselves the TRUTH!!! Go to a Hobby Lobby on Sundays… Look at the cars in the parking lot. Ring the buzzer at the locked door. Ask the manager how many people are there, and how many hours he worked last week!!!! Please do this! Please post your findings here and on every other internet forum you can. Google search glassdoor Hobby Lobby for more Truth!!!

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