Testosterone and War: Extremist Response

Boys are people, too.

In a recent post on testosterone and war, I mentioned castration as the solution to violence. It was a joke. I do believe that the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan contain testosterone-driven motivations, as perhaps all wars do. But in a response to a much milder article I wrote for mainstream publication, I got a crazy extremist response, which I will quote here.

The reader first suggested that only males be allowed to kill each other and if they accidentally killed any “superior” women, the retribution was to be brutal.

“In all fairness to young boys, perhaps they could include boys too by killing 10 adult males for each boy under say 12 that the army killed. That would show that these young boys are worth something too as long as they had not been corrupted by the adult males. I do agree with doubling the number of males killed for young girls but maybe it should be even higher for girls under 12 too, perhaps 75 or 100?

It is too bad that males do like to kill each other so much but at least something like this could get them to stop killing women and children.

Papua New Guinea Women found a way to stop their males from killing each other. they performed infanticide to end tribal war but they only killed the males. Every male that was born for several years were killed and the adult males were too dumb (like most males) to figure out what was going on. I guess they did know that males are the weak sex and they thought all the males were stillborn. (yet none of the girls were)”

This is horrifying to me! I had an amazing, gentle father who suffered even when we killed our livestock for food. I have brothers, and a son, and grandsons. Of all my siblings, (four boys and me) I honestly think I was the one most capable of killing another human being, and rationalizing it away, if for no other reason than that I have great powers of rationalization. Women are not superior to men, but we are different. Viva la difference.

I became a Christian at the age of 22 and shortly thereafter noticed that the Bible was full of love, love, love. Love your neighbor, even love you enemies. This bothered me. But one day I miraculously SAW that every human being has inestimable worth, is unique, and precious to God. No matter how “insignificant” in the eyes of society, no matter how much I disagree with them, no matter what they have done. If they are still alive, that is God’s sign that there is still hope; hope that can still fulfill the good purpose for which they were created.

Men don’t need to be castrated or killed at birth to reduce wars. Men just need to see that human beings are precious to God and act accordingly. It is a spiritual problem and has a spiritual cure.


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